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my Sp liked her gift. she got it yesterday! that was quick since i sent it saturday. well she does live in the same state as me. i’m glad she liked it. picking a gift is hard work. its like shopping for my mom, which i hate to do. but its all good.

here is what i am knitting right now…by the time i get done with it Anna won’t need it because it will be to warm. it is done on #2 & 3 dpns!!! WOW it is so small!! i’ve never done anything so detailed in that way. i thought i was going to give up but it is coming along. i hope to have it done by next week. and hopefully this one will fit better than the last hat i knitted for her which could have fit me!

i won some handspun cream wool on Ebay. i plan on dying it. so i went to Art Mart to get some Jacqard dyes. try my hand at some acid dyes instead of koolaid… though a fellow KHer got some beautiful results from koolaid. nothing compared to what i did!


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  1. How do you DO THAT!!? OK, I took my first knitting class Tuesday – it is NOT as easy as it looks! I took the class at this trendy shop in W. LA (www.sussdesign.com) She had the most beautiful stuff there! She sells it on her website as well. She has been knitting since she was 7 (Now around 45 yrs old) and is the bomb!! Anyway – I dont know if it was the wine they provided during the class – or if I’m just an idiot, but it took me 2 hours to learn to cast on and do like 2 knitting rows!! I thought I had it down, but as soon as I got home to practice – I couldn’t do ANYTHING – it was gone! I got so frustrated i took my 2 row masterpiece and threw it in the garbage! šŸ˜¦ Anyway – I found a friend @ work thats an avid knitter & she’s gonna help me at lunch. Wish me luck!!

  2. good luck! did you check out knittinghelp.com? they have videos of cast on, knit, purl, everything. trust i had to look at them everytime i started a new project cause i would forget how to do stuff! you’ll get it!!!

  3. OK, my friend @ work helped me and I looked @ knitting.com – GREAT video help there! I now have a “scarf” thats about a foot long and I changed colors twice!! Im so proud! I have my second beginner class tomorrow where I learn how to purl & cast off & some other stuff. I’ll keep you posted on my progress! Thanks!!
    P.S. doesnt your neck and fingers hurt after doing this for a while??)

  4. GREAT!!! yeah i used to get sore but you get used to it after a while. your body is using different muscle. keep me posted!

  5. I learned to purl yesterday, then how to do seeding, ribbing and something else that looks like a checkerboard. I’m so pumped! šŸ™‚ I bought some cute yarn that’s fuzzy and is a army greenish color with a small brown strip in it. I’m gonna make a scarf for myself – so excited! I also bought a new pair of needles – 11 gauge bamboo! I can see this hobby will cost me a grip!!

  6. no it won’t. buy sets and always check ebay!!! you can get some bargins there. and once you have all your needles it won’t be so bad unless you become a yarn snob and like all that expensive yarn! i like it but i won’t buy it. but i do like the hand spun and hand painted yarn… they can get pricey thats why i’m trying to learn to spin myself. i can dye easy. spinning is another story.

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