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thank you SP…i think

i think these came from my secret pal but i’m not sure…all i know is i didn’t buy them. i just thought about that…maybe i should ask my husband if he bought them….but if he did he wouldn’t be able to keep it to himself for this long. but i got an email from my SP saying that she hadn’t sent to the final box yet because she was waiting on one moreitem…soooo i don’t know.
the first is a peachy orangey bulky andspun wool. pretty… i like it….though i don’t know what i’d make with it. i’m thinking a sweater for the baby. and the second is a single point needle case which i am sorry to say i have no need for because i don’t have or use single points! but its a pretty fabric none the less.

and this is the teacup panties that i made for my SP…yeah i know i’m liat but i was out of town last weekend and didn’t get to it like i had hoped. this pic is dark because it was wet when i took it because i forgot to take one so i took it out the washer to take…i couldn’t find the other peice cause it was TOO hot so i wasn’t sticking my hand all the way in. so it is felting. the yarn is the wool i dyed below! can’t wait to see how it felts!


2 Responses

  1. These items are from me! 🙂 Sorry about the straight needle case if youd like it can be exchanged for a double/circ’ needle case just let me know, K?

    Sweater for the baby sounds nice?

    Also being that today is the last day for the exchange I will be sending your box and tell you who I am! I will just get the items that im waiting on to you later, ok?

    As for those cup cosies they are fantastic! They look just great!!!
    Ok have a great one mama!

  2. ok cool!! i was beginging to wonder. i’ll keep the case…just in case i do get some… thanks again!!!

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