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final SP Pakage!

Sage…beautiful name BTW! went all out for the kiddies!!! much appreciated!!! i’ll have to put a lock on the box!!!

Candy for the kids

A little sumthin sumthin for me… love the yarn. what to make what to make!!! and TUFFLES!!! these things are the best! and of course caramel kisses!!!! thank you so much Sage…i love that name! i’m sad to see SP7 end it was fun. and i hope we stay in touch… when you have time of course. The kids say thank you!!!!!!!

i got this. it is Dead Sea Salt. i’m serious about trying to make baby toiletries! it is good for dry skin and psoriasis. my 19 year old has psorasis really bad so i want to make him something for it. he says its really bad in the summer and right now hes in the Navy down in Mississippi so i know its bad.so hopefully i can find him some relief. my cousin’s baby has exzema or psoriasis so i think i have found a good reaipe for her. i’m so excited. i’ve been on ebay buying up stuff or at least looking to buy. i’ve got some Avocado oil aleady… i need some shea butter and some unrefined cocoa butter… and some other oils.. then bottles and jars. and i have to coe up with a label and stuff. but i have plenty of time for all that! in the mean time i bought some yarn today.. (forgot to take a pic of it) but its for a knitted bunny for my new neice. tomorrow i’m gonna get the rest of the yarn for the sauque! ok i’m going to bed. i have to get up at a decent hour to make breakfast and a birthday cake. and i have to go get the strawberries when i’m out to get the yarn. and i have to make my hubby his birthday dinner!!!! SO MUCH TO DO!!


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  1. Let me know about the receipe, one of the children (just turned 3) in my classroom has exzema pretty bad.

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