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weekend fun

well i had no kids saturday…well i had baby girl with me but my Dad took the others all day. so i thought this would be a good time to dye my yarn that i got from Wool2Dye4. so here it is.

aill stretched out. it is about 40 ft long. it was a nightmare to wind into a ball after it had dried.

my 3 shades of blue

before painting


wraped all nice and comfy

ready to go to the mirco wave

it was late and i forgot to take a pic of it in the sink and it hanging up to dry. and i refuse to take a pic of it spread out cause then you can really see what a horrible mess my house really is! but here it is in a pretty skein that i rolled into a ball first then into a skein then back into a ball. which i got much critisizim from hubby. he thought it ws crazy to do a skein when i just took it back apart. but he doesn’t understand the fact that i HAD to get a picture of it in a pretty skein!!! but it was all a big fat pain in my neck or should i say back. my back hurt so bad!!! i will not be doing this again until after the baby is born!!!

here it is knitted up. not quite what i was going for but i like it none the less. its not something you can understand just by reading the instructions. it something you have to experience to actually know wht they are talking about. i was going for self-stripping i got zig zag/stripping. i now know what i have to do the next time i attempt this for a large probect. i’m sure this would make a great pair of self stripping socks!!!

but this is what its gonna be…


5 Responses

  1. hey koolbreeze…
    it’ your sistahfriend kellz from kellyskronicles just stoppin by to say hi!!
    you are too krafy and it’s hot!!

    i’ll be back! stop by my page when time permits!!

    craft on,

  2. that is gorgeous! congrats!!!

  3. That is a beautiful skein – thanks for sharing it – I hope that your back doesn’t still hurt, lol. Sometimes, knitting is just painful. I knit the bathmat from Mason Dixon and I ached for days! But it’s always worth it, I say.

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