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Aidan coming home. i slip covered his carrier… first time doing button holes!!! i have skills now!

the baby Kimko from Mason Dixon.
why can i not block to save my life? i pinned it and wet and left it over night… and it still curled…
i did it size 5 needles cause i wanted it to fit him. and it does.

this i got from Nat @ The Luxe. she saw that i was feeling down and wanted to cheer me up with yarn!!! it worked. cause like she said yarn will always make you feel better!!!! shes such a sweet girl and very talented… ya’ll should go over there to he shop and spend some money!! i don’t know what to knit with it yet…i’m thinking a jacket…its merino!! ooohhhh ahhh… very soft. and the blues and greens together is so nice. THANK YOU NATASHA!!!!


11 Responses

  1. He is beautiful! And looking super cute in that kimono….

  2. Aw, he looks so snuggled!

  3. Congrats! He is sooo adorable. Your making me want to have another one. Hope you have much health, happiness, and rest! Take care.

  4. seee! i told ya he would be home in no time! what a cute boy! he looks very alert for such a young boy. you will see, he will be a wild one in no time.

  5. I’m so glad the wee one is home!!! The kimono came out lovely–I do NOT know how you find the time!

  6. Incredibly cute lil boy and some good knittin too! I just jumped over here from the MD KAL, and noticed your comment about blocking. I don’t think it has anything to do with your blocking efforts it’s just that acrylic has too much memory. The only was I know to help is to do some kind of edging. Even a single crochet along the edges would help a lil. Hope that helps.


  7. He’s absolutely gorgeous, momma!
    Congrats! I’m so happy for you – health and happiness to all of you.

  8. How adorable!

  9. He is so tiny and cute! And well-knitted-for! Congrats! xox Kay

  10. Congrats on the baby! He’s adorable. The reason you kimono didn’t block is because acrylic doesn’t block, and stockinette in any fiber will curl no matter how much you block it. It’s the sweater’s fault, not yours! 🙂

  11. you are so welcome! a bit late!

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