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what have i been up to???

well here is what i’ve been doing as of late!

i made this for myself cause i got tired of carrying the one they gave be at the hospital, plus it ripped somewhere and now the begingins of a hole that is non repairable. i made this from decorators fabric with cotton fabric as the lining. no pattern kind of just winged it. i used ultra thick interfaceing…won’t be doing that again as i have broken 9 needles trying to sew it. i ironed on vinyl on all the fabric except for the elastic pocket, so that it will be easy to keep clean. more pics

inside pockets… 3

inside lined zipper pocket.

side elastic pocket

changing pad… also with vinyl covering

i’m not all the way satisfyed with the end result. i learned a lot while doing it and now know what i can do different. but for my first sewn bag i am happy and happy to carry it. but may make another one with my new knowledge… cause i bought PLENTY fabric!!! i plan to make a additional diaperbag for A`nna because when i go to church she needs her own bag for the nursery. will be winging it also. but it will be smaller and a different style.

something else i have been doing. i have an order for a lady for a baby blanket and a sacque like this one. she wanted blue and green because its for a boy. so i bought some chucky and some Kona in neutral so i could dye it.

chucky dyed and half way knitted up in a garner stitch.

Kona Superwash dyed waiting to be knitted.

just a bonus that i am adding to the order. a burp colth and possible a bib if i get around to it. just cause the lady i’m making it for is cool as a polar bears toenail. but its just something i am doing in spare time away from home. i hope i can finish it all in time.

a burp cloth for Aidan ( my little man) that i started a while back but haven’t had time to finish.

yarn i bought. the black and red is gonna be a dish towel and the neoplatine is gonna be a bag for me!

so thats what i’ve been up to! besides being a mom and NOT cleaning house!! HAHA!


6 Responses

  1. That’s a really nie baby bag!!! I saw one at Buy Buy Baby similar to the one u made in that it was vinyl for about $90!!

    Did u get my email about how I almost named my baby Aidan, too? Gosh, I love that name!! 😀

  2. Nice bag!!! I don’t care if it’s your first or not, it came out very well. Glad to see you back; I know your kids keep you busy!

  3. How do you have time for all this??? You’re my hero. I’m over here getting all excited cuz I finish a friggin hat, and you’re making bags and bibs and all sorts of craziness. I really like that bag!

  4. Hey there fellow knitter!! 🙂 Thank you so much for your words of encouragement it meant a lot to me, things have been getting better thank God!! may the Lord bless you and your family always! 🙂
    By the way the bag is very nice!! 😀 and great choice of yarn colors!!

  5. Hi Carmell

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Here’s the link to Lelah



  6. I don’t know how you get it all done with five kids. The bag is wonderful; especially all the little touches that make it work for your needs. I may be buying that iron-on vinyl for some projects I have in mind.

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