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when will it ever end!!!!!  progress… slow but surely.

i’ve finished the body on the sacque… i’m going to block this part and put a lining in it because the baby is due in Nov and i don’t think its warm enough.  then i will finish the sleeves.  i’m praying i don’t run out of yarn cause i dyed it myself and i don’t tke notes!

Seems like the more i knit on this the more it stays the same. doesn’t seem to be growing AT ALL!  this is a gruel and evil thing this blanket.  i think it may be pocessed.

hey guess what happened here… yep, ran out of yarn.  so went to wally world last night and they only had one left and it didn’t have its label… so i am praying it is of the same dye lot!

got some new toys…

love these sissors.  i got a baby pair too.  they just cut really smooth and nice…or maybe its just becaause they are new and i usually suck at cutting..

aren’t these cute!!! GOT PINK!!!

ok back to the never ending blanket! blah!


3 Responses

  1. Hey, so long as you’re making progress! I’m slow, too, but it’s not my fault–3 kids, DH, animals, work…I’d LOVE to sit & knit all day.

    The eternity of blankets is why the last expectant mom got a baby cardi instead!

  2. ooof, baby blankets. Yah, that’s why I don’t make them.

  3. You are knitting on it and that’s what matters, it may not look like progress, but you are getting there!

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