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the “BLANKET”gave me hell but turned out pretty good. not all that satisfied with it but ok none the less. made from 100% wool but soft. knit in garter stitch. hand dyed in blue and green.

Baby Sacque and hat made with 100% Merino Wool. very soft. handdyed in green and blue

the next three are a burp cloth, bib, and a wash cloth. the wash cloth has feet on it but you prolly can’t see in the pics. just trying to use up yarn. made with 100% cotton.

little buttons on bib

see the feet?

all together

card that i made

the tag or one of them. ya’ll like my company name!?!?!



4 Responses

  1. from Carmen. i double post and before i knew she had written a comment i earased the first post! sorry!


    OH MY GAWD! GIRL! You outdid yourself. That is so pretty.
    Are you going to be selling your items? I bet those celebrities would love to get their hands on hand dyed, hand knit items like you made. I ESPECIALLY like the little feet you put on the washcloth.


  2. You should be so proud! Everything is just gorgeous! And I love those feet!!!

  3. Gorgeous!! Now I know who to email when I get ready for the next one… 😉

    The whole package is amazing – it was worth all that time investment! The tag is such a sweet detail.

  4. Ok so I’m going to have a baby just so you can make me one LOL..sike not for real but girl you are talented!!!! They are soo pretty..I like the lil feet

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