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Hat for my niece.  didn’t get a pic of her in it… but since my son knows me so well he suggested i take a pic of him modeling it cause he knew i would forget my camara!!!

pattern: same as Aidan’s

yarn: that one Target had in the Dollar Spot a while back

color: pink

started:  November 19, 2006

ended: November 20, 2006

notes:  nope… just thati put pom poms on itinstead of tassles because i felt they were more girlie!


premiee hat for a friend’s friends baby

pattern: Sweater Babes baby cable hat revised by Julie

yarn: Elann’s Baby Cashmere (? i think thats what its called)

color: Cashmere Blue

started: November 26, 2006

finished: November 29, 2006

notes:  WOW my fingers hurt so bad!  Julie i don’t know how you did it!!!!  i used 3 strands of this yarn because it just seemed to thin. but now that i have done it, i would have just stuck with 2 cause i guess i knit it tight it just seems real stiff.  i used this yarn to use what i had.  but i still like it.and love this pattern.  i hope it fits.


3 Responses

  1. You are a hat knitting machine! I especially love the pom poms…great job!!

  2. So so so cute!! 🙂

  3. LOL, I love how the little man is looking at you all “WTF, ma?”

    The hats are gorgeous.

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