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picture day

yesterday was picture day so i made some ear rings and a necklace for Leasie. bow. i sure hope her pictures turn out good!

i got some new craft books yesterday also. some for some new crafts i am interested in. the others just something to do and 2 are to get a business started and getting a studio. so i hope to get busy on these and maybe get some organization! i am really wanting to get into reborning and sculpting dolls. i want to find others that are interested in it too but am not having any luck… guess i’ll keep looking. i am so glad i bought this slipcover book. it just so happens i purchased a used futon bunk bed yesterday also and it has the mattress. read the drama about getting here. anyway i don’t know about ya’ll but i don’t like sleeping where others that i don’t know have slept. so i was thinking of what i can do to cover the mattress. and last night as i was looking through the slip cover book… what do i find? a slipcover for a futon! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketWOOT! hopefully i can do it. i think i’ll let my sister and mom read over it to make sure i can do it.

o h heres what started the clay addiction i always wanted to do the reborning then i found out you can sculpt dolls also… that just fueled the fire!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketi made this for my neice to sit on her shelf in her room… i don’t know if her mom actually put it there. but i thought it was cute. i don’t know if her mama did but lil LaiLai wanted to get it and play with it…shes only 1.


3 Responses

  1. Oooo, I am with you on not wanting to sleep where unknown people (or critters) have slept (or done worse). That’s why I don’t really dig hotels. Anyway, that’s just my weirdness, LOL.

    Cute earrings & bunny! Good luck on getting a crafty business going.

  2. I’ve been stalking your blog for about a year or so as I am the black mother of a bi-racial(black/white) baby boy. I just wanted to say I am in awe of your creative skills.


  3. Cute bunny!

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