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well i thought i would have a free weekend where i could actually get something done… not gonna happen. my dad’s wife calls and invites over for dinner Sunday and hubby just told me this morning that we are going apple picking tomorrow… WTH do i look like going apple picking… guess i’ll be the only negro there!

so i bought a new knitting book with my Mich.ael’s 50% off coupon. i got Simple Knits with a Twist. i have been waiting on that coupon just for this book! and i am so glad that i got it cause there are so many project i wanna do! then i realized that i got some other books awile back that i forgot to show. so here they are.

i have put the tunic down… its kind of boring. maybe it will get down by next summer!

i started a hat for my friends baby to match a winter coat that i am giving her. the pattern is from Ericka Knitghts, Knitting for Two. i am knitting it in Bernets Bamboo. its pink but i forget the real name. it is SOOOOOO soft. the baby is nearly bald so i wanted something soft. i was thinking about some cashmerino but this isn’t my child and i would want it taken care of and i’m not sure mom would. but i did think of getting the cashmere blend and knitting a lining from the bamboo and putting it on the inside of the cashmere… hmmm i’ll have to think about it more and see if i wanna go through all that.. i guess it depends on how fast 1 knits up.


5 Responses

  1. Whoa, you had a 50% off coupon from Michael’s?? Where on Earth did you get it? I want one … I didn’t think Michael’s had a mailing list.

    Happy apple picking… I know the feeling of flying solo in that regard 😉 *teehehe*

  2. Apple picking, lawd, what is it going to be next?? LOL. Have fun picking them apples!

  3. OH, I want a Mikes 50% OFF COUPON! LOL

  4. Hey, how do you like that embellishments book? I saw it at the book store but didn’t get a chance to look through it.

  5. Hey!! How was Apple Picking and dinner? I want a coupon, comeon, share the wealth! LOL
    Did you make your own bib patterns? I need a cute but easy one! The home knits book looks pretty interesting.

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