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new stuff

i got some new stuff for some projects that i hope to get started.  and then just somethings i wanted.  first i got some yarn for a jacket.  i’ve been wanting to do this jacket for the longest.  i had some wool for it but it was kind of itchy so i really didn’t want to use it.  so now i have some SWS from Patons.  it is soy wool… and it self stripes! next i got some fabric to do a patch quilt for the girls bedroom.  and i got a new pom pom maker cause the other one i had sucked.  and a felting needle holder.  oh and the stipes by Sugar & Cream.  this was the first time i had seen these so i had to get one.  it will most likely be a bib for slobby boy.  that boy is like a running facet.  and now its coming out the nose. ugh!  looks like i’m going apple picking this weekend instead of KC…blah.  i don’t really have anywhere to stay unless i get a hotel.  which won’t be that bad i just don’t feel like spending money on a hotel.  i could go up with my mom but i can’t take any of the kids with me.  its a lot of drama going on there with my grandad and his “other” kids… so i really don’t want to hear it but i do want to be nosy… so if i stay home i plan on finishing this quilt (see pics)  and starting on the girls room… again!

so i made a design wall out of my son’s old flannel sheet.  he doesn’t like characters anymore.  he hasn’t liked them since he was 5… what 5 year old boy doesn’t like super heroes!?!?!  well at first the fabric wasn’t sticking so i was pinning them to it… well since i don’t really want a bunch of tiny holes in the wall i decided to spray it with spray adhesive.  which works beautifully and doesn’t leave much of a sticky residue on the fabric.

ta ta for now


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