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THE “Jacket”


ok i was finished with everything and was starting to piece it together so i could start the hood.  i had both fronts sewn on when i realized i didn’t reverse the zipper edge or the shaping. GRRRR!!!  i was so pissed.  so i frogged it… not once not twice but 15 times.  i had to figure out how to reverse it.  why was this so hard?   … i have no idea!  cause when i finally figured it out i felt like an ass for not knowing  in the first place  so i am almost done with the right front and will be picking up to add the hood.  i wanted to wear it this weekend but looks like that won’t be happening.  cause i doubt it will be done by tomorrow…


3 Responses

  1. OH NO!!!!!!!


  2. Oh noooes!!! Damn, I so pissed for you! That’s awful news. How did your yarn hold up to so much frogging? I find that I can only frog maybe 4 or 5 times before the yarn starts to wear & tear.

    I’m sure your jacket will turn out just fine. Wish I could help with the reverse shaping, but I’m pretty challenged with the reversed shaping. I wish these pattern writers would just type it all out!! I’m mean come on – there way too much at stake otherwise (at least for me there is…) Hehe 😉 Happy reverse shaping!!

    i was worried about the same thing. so i went and got some more yarn just it case. but it held up very nicely. i was surprised.

  3. Oh no…so sorry! I hope you can fix it & more importantly, get to wear it! Don’t you hate it when your projects don’t cooperate?

    i didn’t get to wear it so i bought a hoddie from wally world that said “Obey Me. You’ll be happier!” ha ha

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