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all done

well.. not quite. i’m finally finished after taking about a week and a half off from knitting because i got nervous when i got to the part in the pattern on the hood where the directions stopped and it told me to do the row set. i was like “WHAT?” so today i just took a chance and did what i thought it meant and turned out to be what it was talking about. and it was only like 12 rows left! ha ! so now it is blocking. this is my son’s bed. it is the only place big enough and tall enough where idon’t have to worry about someone messin with it!


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i got the inspiration to do a book wish list post after i saw Stacie’s list. but that will have to be another day as i do not feel good. why do i torture myself by not eating until it is too late and i’m on the verge of passing out? so i will show you my new knitting books. i to love to look at the patterns in the knitting books. sometimes i may not ever knit anything out of them. thats probably why i am more ampt to purchase a pattern book rather than a technique or book about knitting. i’m not trying to read. thats the reason why i have not learned to construct my own designs.  i think as i get older and have more time to myself i may get back into reading but today’s just not the day! so i got 4 new books. i have 3 of them still waiting on the other. i got…

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i like all three. i figure rather than go and buy the book (more than likely online) i would get it at the library first than if i like it i’d buy it. so i checked out 7 books and went and bought 3 of the 7 and waiting on a better price for the fourth. i bought Yarnplay (@Ama.zon for $1.49! woot!) by taking a chance just because i liked Domiknitrx which is on the way. ok i’m off to try and get my blood sugar up!!!


8 Responses

  1. I love new knitting books! Yarnplay is cool; I’ve checked out the middle one, which was also nice.

    And yay, you finished the jacket!

    I know! took it seems forever but barely a month and half!

  2. Well done! It’s looking good. But now you are at the part of the project where I usually throw it in a bag and bury it under the bed! I hate sewing up my work! I knitted some gorgeous woolies last winter that I could do with now but I can’t wear them as they still have to be sewn up. Crazy, eh?!

    I love the Yarn Play book too, very inspirational!

    thats why i sew them up on the sewing maching and pray i don’t mess up!!! shh don’t tell nobody!

  3. Yes! I almost always have to look thru a copy of the book 1st before I buy it! :op
    I have been wanting the Hollywood Knits too! There are too many darn books!!! Haha!

    OOh looks like you are on your way to seamville! YAH!

  4. Whoohoo!! Model .. model … model … 🙂 Thanks for the news about the Michael’s coupons; I love coupons, especially 50% ones.

  5. Finally!! I know you are glad to be almost finished! I never thought to look in the library for knit books! 🙂

  6. ok why i can neva find ur other blog LOL

  7. any suss book is awesome!

  8. Can’t wait to see the jacket. When you gonna rock it for us?

    Domiknitrix is one of my favorite pattern books, but I’ve yet to actually make anything from it. haha.

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