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Blogstalking week 10

What i’m Thankful for!

ok i’m late but whatever…

i am thankful for God, my hubby, and my kids.  for having a roof over our heads and food in our tummies.  and for not having to worry about much.

what did you get on Black Friday.  i only went to one store and that was JOJO’s.  i got a table that was originally $99 but i got it for $50.

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my new craft table 


and she took 20% off my whole purchase too!   i was gonna get some flannel but it was all picked over by the time i got there and either all the good stuff was in that long ass line or they just didn’t have any left. both lines were all the way to the back of the store.  i should have went to the big JOJO’s but didn’t feel like driving that far.  so i also got some yarn so i can knit the felted wreth if i ever find the pattern.  anyway not much crafting going on.

i have been trying to knit a tube top… i think my jacket will not let me cause it is haunting me cause i have yet to put it together.  so i tried to knit this tube top like 5 times without a pattern.  i couldn’t get it right.  so i put it down.

i started on Starsky for my mom…

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yarn for Mom’s cardigan

she has this old stinky ugly jean shirt that she likes to wear around the house when it gets cold.  I HATE THIS SHIRT.  and i don’t think its ever been washed.  so i decided to knit her up a sweater that she can wear around the house.  i figured the Starsky would be good.  only thing is i hate the pattern on it.  but figured what the hey… its not for me.  but i couldn’t get THAT started either.  i frogged 7 times.  never made it past row 3.  i couldn’t cast on the correct number of sticthes to save my life.  i mean i really felt something was loose in my head.  cause everytime i thought i had the correct number and started knitting… i’d get to the end and it was wrong.  and it wouldn’t be like 2 missing stiches… it would be like 10!!!  i put it down.  i figure since i couldn’t get it that this is not the pattern for me.  so i remembered that Inter.weave had one in fall issue and decided to do that on instead.  and also gonna work a pattern for my tube top.  i thought about doing the one in Fitted Knits but i want cables.  and all though i couldn’t find one with a bunch of cables i’ll take one.  maybe modify it some how. any suggestions.

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new pattern for cardigan


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new tube top pattern 


oh and i am definaly putting that jacket together today so i can move on with my life!!!!


One Response

  1. YAY for you getting the table!!!

    If your mom loves that shirt like you say she does, she prolly STILL won’t give it up, even for a nice newly knit just for her sweater! LOL

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