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recovering from Christmas

WOW i hope every body had a Blessed Christmas.  i didn’t get anything but a sweater from my MIL but it was cool anyway.  i treated myself to some knitting books, one crochet book, a cd and a cook book..  when they come i will take pics.  i did however finish the dolls Christmas Eve!  woo!  talk about sinishing on time.  my reasons for waiting till the last minute is because i really tried not to do them in front of the girls.  and they were pleasently surprised Christmas morning.  so i have been sleeping for the past 2 days trying to catch on some most need rest.  trying to get back to knitting just tired!

so here are the pics of the dolls…









i repainted the little one the end and was very happy with her end result as far as color went.  i sewed all the bodies but bought hers and it was too small… but the body i made seemed to big to me and was all wonky… but i figured my Niece wouldn’t mind cause shes only 1.  so everyone was happy and really like the dolls.  nobody knew that i had made them until i told them and then they were like “WOW!!!”  i was very happy!





they all have preemie outfits, socks, just born onesies, newborn diaper, paci, and bottle.  i thought about doing hair bows but i’m tired.  all of their hair is hand rooted mohai.  i rooted it with a felting needle.  so lets just say i did a lot.  my dad’s wife wants me to do one for her grand baby..her birthday is in feb… i don’t know if i will do it.i have an extra putfit though so i might.

i started some fingerless gloves this evening while watching 40 year old Virgin… that was a dumb but good movie.  i also joint the stitch marker exchange.  i have 2 people to make stich markers forYAY!!! i love making those things!


6 Responses

  1. Wow, you’ve been busy! Those dolls are gorgeous. I don’t know if I’d have the patience to put in all that hair, but yours turned out fabulously. = )

  2. Girl you did an Amazing job on the dolls!!

  3. I can’t believe you made those dolls, either. They look GREAT. What a good job.

  4. Those are some really cute dolls!


  5. […] oh i finished the dolls if you wanna take a looksy! […]

  6. you know I’m jealous. LOL

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