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new year

well its a new year and i started a new project but really didn’t. its the other hand to my gloves. i’m almost done so i will have the details soon. so far this will be my only gloves ever cause the fingers suck! i think when i get to the gloves on the right hand i will have to see how Stacy did her’s cause the way they do it in the book is confusing



so my craft goals for this year are as follows…

  1. to finish all WIP’s
  2. to start my other jacket, my moms, and Miss Leasie’s & Miss Prissy’s for next school year.
  3. lean to sew clothes the right way
  4. set up craft studio with more storage
  5. have something to sell at craft shows for fall 2008
  7. do all Christmas knitting BEFORE winter
  • Christmas wreath
  • garland
  • stockings
  • tree skirt
  • and any gifts

got a new book too. i wish i had this book before i knit up the jacket… cause i wanted one with cables just never found a pattern i liked… but know i will have to do the one on the front of the book! Photobucket

well thats it for now.


4 Responses

  1. You have a good list going! I’m going to try and hit up at least one craft fair and 2 saturdays at the market this year! I really need to get started NOW! lol

  2. Gurl which pattern are you using??

    They look fine to me! Keep going!! The pattern looks almost exactly like the ones I just finished. Or are you doing Knucks??

  3. I can’t believe how beautiful those dolls are. You MADE them? how in the world do you do that?

  4. Knit Cafe was the first my first knitting book. I love it. It’s a great book.

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