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what up people!

i finished my gloves last night. i gotta get one of the kids to take a picture. details on that later. so i cast one a hat to match. my son know whats a pair of gloves in black. i can probably use the same pattern. though hes only nine hes had bear-slappers since was a baby!!

got some new books. these are my Christmas gift to me since no one was thoughtful enough to get me anything. except my MIL but i think she got me something so i won’t feel left out. anyway i got….


this is a cookbook that my grandmother practically forced me to buy. i say forced because every time i talk to her she asked me if i got it yet. so i looked on Am.azon and waited till it hit $5 and got it. it shows you how to deceive your kids into eating more veggies by puree them into everything. and when i say everything i mean everything. from chicken nuggets to cookies! i don’t know if i will ever try anything…. i probably will. but some of the stuff i’m like hell naw. i’ll be serving my kids this stuff and eating something else and they will be looking at me like why aren’t you eating this? my kids catch on to stuff to quick!

this one has a lot of stuff i wanna try.


i don’t know why i wanted this one for so long…


this one is good too.. i like the fact that she doesn’t use pricey yarn to crochet her stuff. maybe its just me but i always feel that everyone wants you to buy the pricey stuff for EVERYTHING! and its even better when you put eye candy like Common in your book. who wouldn’t buy it! if not just to look at him whenever you want! i WILL learn to crochet!
i have one more coming which not that i have get your crochet on i don’t need… its happy hooker. get your crochet on teaches you everything to learn to crochet…
whats going on for the weekend…
  1. i gotta get my hair did saturday.
  2. i have to update hubby’s resume.
  3. clean
  4. laundry
  5. knit
  6. take the Christmas tree down
  7. make stitch markers tonight to send tomorrow
    what do ya’ll think will get done… KNITTING!!! oh and the resume cause i’m still trying to get up out of here! though i do like my hood… i wanna move out of here bad. something new. something different. i’ve lived in Misery all my life. i’m 31… its time to experience something fresh and brand spankin new. i just hope i’m not disappointed! alright off to buy some drawers
    that is all. PEACE!



    5 Responses

    1. Your Meez is too cute!

      YAH! @ finishing gloves!

      Now see if others are asking for it you know you did a good job!! How did the holes work out?? Can’t wait to see yours!
      And I am making a companion for mine too. A scarf!

      Love the books! I heard the 1st one was a really good cookbook…of course I saw her on Oprah of course! ;op HA!

      Have a great weekend!!

    2. I hope you get all that accomplished this weekend, especially the resume if that helps a lot. Is Common really in that book??

    3. *gasp* The ‘c’ word? Noes! Step away from the hook; back away slowly and return to the needles Young Jedi KNIghT. *lol* 🙂

    4. i have knit cafe and junior knits. i love those books!


    5. Luv it! I have the crochet one – her patterns work up easy and you can use whatever yarn floats your boat! I saw this cookbook in the bookstore – now I have to get it!

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