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i finished my hat. heres the pics


the start with all my pretty stitch markers made my me


without earflaps… hubby thinks i should have left it like this… said i was to old for earflaps… the nerve !


with the earflaps and my goofy chilrin


hubby can’t see ME!


Yarn~ Alpaca Natural Blends (2 balls for both)

Needles~ 6 for gloves 7 for hat

Pattern~ Garter Cuff Gloves (fingerless, Weekend Knitting) and Adults Only Devil Hat (devilless, Stitch N’ Bitch)

More info~ i don’t know if i will be wearing the gloves as i bind off to tight and they are cutting my circulation off when worn for a few minutes… luckily i haven’t woven in the ends so i might frog the fingers and bind off again… loosely. i didn’t like doing the fingers and had to modify the second hand so they wouldn’t be all out of shape as the first one is. but you can’t tell unless you look close.

i did the brim of the hat in garter to match the gloves. the pattern called seed stitch which i think is pretty but i just can’t do anyway! other than that i like doing this. i have request for one from the kids. i think she said in the book that there is a child pattern so they just might get one!

i’m thinking i might add some beads somewhere… but thats a BIG maybe.

ok i need to do laundry so i can pack. on my way to KC this weekend for a funeral! i hopefull will get to check out some LYSs too!! yay!



that is all


7 Responses

  1. Sweet, nice work. If your weather is anything like what we’re getting down in MD lately, you might not need them. 😉

    But don’t pack them up just yet. After all, if you don’t like MD weather … just wait five minutes! *lol*

  2. I like the flaps! Leave the flaps. I love the color, too.

  3. lol.. your kids are silly! cute hat!

  4. very cute!

  5. Y’all are too funny!
    Gurl glad got the set done. Hopefully, you won’t cut off all of your circulation! :o)

  6. Those pics really made me smile! Your kids are wonderful and so are your hat and mitts. Good work on them all!!!!!

  7. i love the photos with you and the kids 🙂

    love the hat and handwarmers. i still don’t know how to knit on that level. i can do a really nice multi-colored scarf. that’s about it.

    now i can crochet my behind off, but that’s not the same.

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