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Started on Sloane from Yarnplay. very fast knit thought i probably should have been done with it by now. i’m just taking my time.

Manos del Uruguay #44 and 10 (i think) dyed pink by me
so i had a long entertaining weekend in KC… didn’t get to go to any yarn shops though. grrr. but i really didn’t expect to. so my cousin wants me to crochet(which i do not know how to do yet) or knit some stuff for some kind of gay festival that goes on in the summer. i’m really not sure how i feel about that. i mean money is green no matter your sexual orientation so i guess it really doesn’t matter. i found out a while back that 3 of my cousins are lesbians. and other than them i’ve never been around any (that i know of). one still looks like a female . very pretty girl. the other 2 look like dudes. and they make me uncomfortable. its just wrong at how much they look like dudes. and they stare. i’m like bitch i’m your cousin. even if i wasn’t that shit is not going down over here. but i digress. if thats what they like then whatever. ain’t nothing i can do about it.

i have a few request for dolls. i’m still debating whether i wanna do that, cause they aren’t cheap. and i wouldn’t know what to charge. but i would love to do them now that i got a little experience… hee hee. they were just fun to do.

so nothing else is going on. i need to knit up a camara case… but i think i’m just gonna cut up then sew up one out of an old booga bag i knit and didn’t like. its already felted. i’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it. i also have a dog sweater to knit. i joined a dog sweater a month KAL on Raverly. my Troy needs sweaters… cute sweaters. and why pay $20 for an ugly dog sweater that i don’t really like when i can knit one that i like for $5???

ok i hear something drippin which can only mean my son has spilled his cereal. *rollin eyes* my work is never done!!!

that is all!


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  1. As usual, I’m lol. Hey, I don’t care what sexual orientation someone is, just don’t look at me side-eyed.

    A mom’s work IS never done, don’t I know it!

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