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hey ya’ll. i got cooties. i have a horrible head cold. my sinus are throbbing. haven’t been up to knitting. i want to but all i can manage is sitting there looking like a zombie while my kids run a muck. i just want to sleep but can’t cause i think my house is in pretty bad shape. if i go to sleep i will wake up to something resembling a tornado disaster.

so though i haven’t felt like knitting, i did manage to do something creative. i made that camera case from that booga bag i knitted 2 years ago. it turned out pretty good. i call it my Fab Camera Case. i have had to wrestle it from my 2 yo who has taken it as her own on several occasions. i go to put my camera in it and shes got it filled with miscellaneous trinkets! lol kids gotta love them.



i got these lovely stitch markers in the Stitch Marker Exchange. i don’t care for the color… don’t know why i got green but they are pretty none the less.



look at my pictures! they are so crisp, even close! i was playing with my camera when i happened upon this nice feature. i think it is called macro close up! i never knew what it was before and didn’t know what it could do till last night. i’m so proud of myself and less frustrated with my camera!!!!


3 Responses

  1. cute case… you can send mine to 4412…. lol

    hope you feel better

  2. Girl, you better rest & forget about the house! The mess isn’t going to kill anyone (well, let’s hope not, lol).

    The case is adorable–and my dd does the same thing, grabs one of my FOs & starts using it like it’s hers! I like the markers, green & all.

    Feel better soon!

  3. OOh doesn’t sound good and don’t blame for being in a knit funk!

    Great re-do on the purse!

    Feel better very soon!

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