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lets get our knit on

ok cooties are gone… kiddies cooties are gone. no body else caught it so we are good to go.

i cast on to knit a few garter stitch boxes for my kitchen. i want to knit some for the girls room also. but i was trying to figure out if i wanna knit them with seams or in a round. i think i’m leaning more of in a round cause ya’ll know i hate seaming… and i figure that if i’m gonna stiffen it anyway i can shape it more square like.


Red Lily’s Sugar and Cream 

Sloane has taken a snooz… see what it is… i have no where to wear her so its kind of like whats the point rather than it will be there DONE when i do have somewhere to go. instead of me trying to throw something together at the last minute . which is how she got started in the first place!

so since it looks like we will be in the dreadful house longer i have decided to do a little decorating. i ‘ve begun to clean up and move this mess out and away from gathering places. i have got to get my kids out of my living room. so hubby had SAID hes gonna make them a playroom in the basement. i really don’t like the idea of them down there but we shall see just how quick he does it. but while i wait they are getting out of my living room regardless.

i am looking into buying some more dolls to reborn. i really had a lot of fun doing the last ones. i wanna try and see if i can sell one and see if i could do this well enough to sell one. but i don’t know. i wanna do so much stuff i don’t have the mental capacity to register it all which only helps me do nothing…

DD’s teacher is preggers with fraternal twins. shes due in may. i’m gonna make her 2 quilts and knit up some bibs and burb clothes. as you can see i really like her. she was also DS’s teacher 2 years ago. shes a really cool teacher. and for some reason she really likes my kids. so i gotta do something for her babies. i thought about just waiting for one of the other parents to do a baby shower but then i thought about it and one of them did a Christmas gift and i gave $5 to add to it and they gave her such a crappy gift. i know they kept some of money. so they will not be getting anything from me again. i got to get on the ball with that if i wanna have it done BEFORE she goes on maternity leave or go into labor early. shes no spring chicken and these are first kids so i know she won’t make it to term. i’ve been trying to get DD to ask what kind of colors she likes… leave it to a 7 yo to find out stuff. she asked her but by the time she got home had forgotten. i wanna do it as a surprise so it looks like i will have to just do it in some girley colors and hope she likes it. AND i wanna have them done in February cause February is QUILTING MONTH!!! yay!! so check out Sew Mama Sew for giveaways for quilting month!!


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  1. OOh I keep saying I am going to make those boxes too…. can’t wait to see yours pop up soon!

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