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i totally forgot

guess what i did this sunday during the super bowl!!! i HAND sewed the jacket together!!! yeah me hand sewing.. go figure. and i did an awesome job i must say so myself. no holes or anything!




Pattern~ Mom’s Zip-Up Hoody by Erika Knight

Yarn~ SWS by Patons in Natural Geranium 11 skeins

Needles~ size 7 Boyes

The Low Low~ i like doing this jacket but i had a hard time with turning the right side. why they just don’t write the pattern all the way through is beyond me. some of us meaning me are not that smart. it took me at least 7 or 8 times to do it. but everything else was fairly easy. the yarn is soy wool and a little itchy… and its a little tight so i guess i’m fatter than i thought! i haven’t put the zipper in and seeing as to how tight it fits i doubt i will until i lose some weight!!

i went to Jo Jo’s this weekend and i must say Jo JO is trippin! i went there to pick up some fabric to make a quilt. so i’m browsing and i see something i like and !#%@&! that stuff cost $9/yd! i was like ok… not that one. find another one.. same thing… i look at more prices and and they were all ranging from $5 to $9 per yard! WTF!!! when did this happen!? what happened to $2.99??? its the same pitiful quality of fabric just cost more. at these prices i won’t be back to buy fabric. i will from now on get my fabric for quilts at a LQS (local quilt shop.) they have better fabrics, better quality fabric, and a better variety! but i bought some anyway… the cheaper of them. so i will have a quilt block up soon for Quilting Month! yay!

oh anf for all you crafty people who want to contribute to Change… Obama 08′!!!!

Photobucket click the link to the right!


3 Responses

  1. Whoohoo!! It’s about time 🙂 I’ve been waiting to see this! Nice work indeed.

  2. It came out nice! Great job.

    Yes, I HATE it when patterns say “do the same as the left side, just reverse it.” Dang, are we trying to save paper that much?? Help us dummies out. lol

  3. I could you forget to tell us this BIG accomplishment!

    I LUV it it looks wonderful on you!!!!

    Fab job!

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