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Grocery Bag bag

WIP is on the needles. its what i like to call my Grocery Bag bag… the pattern is called Mary’s Summer Bag from Knit Picks. its a fast knit and it is serving a purpose in my kitchen. i’m sick of looking at the bags flying all over the place!


is this considered lace work?? if so its my first!!
i joined the Ebony Elite KCAL…. my pattern choices are between the Cable Hooded Jacket by Debbie Bliss. i’m thinking about destashing on this but not sure if i have enough yarn to do it. so i don’t know. and if i don’t then i have to get yarn by friday which is the first day . then i was thinking about doing the Red Cabled Cardigan Hoodie. for my DD #1. i have the yarn for that one already. actually i’m using the yarn from the sweater i was gonna knit for my mom… i just can’t figure out what i wanna knit for her. AND then i wanna do, because we are supposed to do something to challenge ourselves, The Guitar Messenger Bag. BUT instead of a guitar i wanna put a picture of a woman with an afro! i’ debating this one cause i think it will take a lot longer than a month… cause i still haven’t figured out how to do the picture. i got a picture but i don’t know yet. i’m so confused!!! i figure it out eventually. i guess i could ask someone. any ideas????

2 Responses

  1. I think that definitely qualifies as lace.

    As for the bag…all I can suggest is using graph paper to chart out a picture & see if you like it. Because the idea of a woman w/an afro sounds cool.

  2. Hm – have you tried microRevolt? If you’ve already got the picture, microRevolt might turn out a chart that you like. Just a thought…

    yeah thats where i went… thats not the problem… knitting it on there is the problem!!!

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