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i joined the Ebony Elite KCAL. and i decided on the Red Cable Cardigan from Twelve Months of Knitting. that i just got last week and saw this pattern for the first time and thought it would be perfect for my mom… so i’m using the same yarn that i got months ago. hope i have enough. so this is what i got so far.

Red Cable Cardigan

the beginning of the cardigan

Rec Cable Cardigan

what it will look like… hopefully!

the book Photobucket

another book i got Photobucket not to thrilled about it…


i’mma bite off Patrice and do a “Why i can’t sew” only mine is for a totally different reason.



you see this here is my cutting/craft table. you see that on the floor… thats my brand new cutting mat. i can probably name one thing on this table that is mine. the tool box. it has all my reborn stuff in it. all that other mess is my husband. he does this all the time.
this is his mail… that he decided need to decorate my area and then half knock my stuff off.

so this is why i can’t sew. my husband has taken over my craft space and junked it up to the point where i don’t feel like cleaning it up or fining a new home for his shit. oops i wasn’t supposed to say that but thats just how pissed i am./ i mean its fine that you can’t find a place for it but you’re not supposed to dump your shit in my my space. so i will most likely have to find a place for it. i just don’t want to hear about it later when he can’t find something. but then again i really don’t care. ok back to it!!

that is all


3 Responses

  1. Girl you are certainly a better woman than me… I wouldn’t attempt such a detailed item to knit! lol Can’t wait to see it finished.

    and OMG! You can’t SEE the table let alone work on it…lol It’s time to break out the heavy duty garbage back, lol

  2. How you like the 12 month book??
    Gurl you don’t even want to see my work area right now!
    Crap everyone! It looks like yarn threw up in here!! Haha!

  3. Wow, that is a gorgeous cardigan. I can’t wait to see that finished.

    It annoys the crap out of me when DH puts his crap on my desk. It’s MY work desk, where I work, why do I have to find your receipts & printouts on it???

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