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no knitting weekend

so i didn’t knit at all this weekend. not that i didn’t feel like it i was busy doing this….


it is one of the baby quilts for DD#1’s teacher. as you can see it is once again a trip around the world. my favorite pattern next to the log cabin. i love doing the coloring for these quilts. i’m really liking how this one is turning out.

i plan on knitting while watching Raisin in the Sun in 10 minutes though!!!

oh i also made these….

Photobucket can you guess what they are????

they are fire starters! i made them from candle wax, saw dust, and dryer lint. very easy to make and work fantastic! i also but some scent in them but i don’t think i put enough in them or the wood just over powered it. ok got go watch the movie.

i forgot to post the other pictures of the fire starters!  thanks patrice for asking.  you light it and place it under the wood… and it will do the rest!!!

Photobucket Photobucket


4 Responses

  1. lol… i thought they were some kinda of bran muffin! lol Do you just toss them in the fireplace? How do they work?

    Nice colors I like how they fade in and out.

  2. Aaaaah that is so pretty! I swear quiltting is harder than knitting!!

    Hope you are enjoying A Raisin in the Sun!! I am!

    thanks! i did enjoy it. at first i was saying i wasn’t going to watch cause i just don’t like to watch folks mess over others. but i watched it and i wanted to whopp Puffy’s ass when Phylicia (i love me some Phylicia!) was so heart broken over what he did. good movie!

  3. I never heard of firestarters before–what a great idea.

    Pretty quilt; do you have to sew all those little squares together?

    yep! they are 2″ squares. thanks!

  4. You’ve been busy. I need to start making the quilt tops to my dd’s long awaited quilt. I cut the pieces out when she was an infant; and now she will be 6 years old in 2 weeks. Man, time flies.

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