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one almost down

one to go. i finished putting the 1st quilt together last night. all i have left is the border then i gotta figure out how i’m gonna quilt them… i was thinking just tie them. cause i kind of wanna have then done by tuesday. if i let my mom quilt them then that means i have to sit over there and wait for her to do them. which won’t be so bad… or i could try and do it myself on the sewing machine… but i don’t have a clue how to do that. but i have a minute to think of that cause i wanna get this one done first.

Baby Quilt #1
Baby Quilt #2… ready to be put together

my yorkie is pregnant with puppies (well damn i would hope they are puppies… why did i say with puppies like it could be kittens of something) *eye roll* anyway…having puppies ain’t cheap so i have put a lot of stuff on hold… but not to much. at least till i get all my supplies for the whelping.

Mama and Daddy taking a nap together ( a rarity…the cancan hardly stand each other.. i guess they like each other enough to get they groove on!!)
She was so tired she fell asleep on my keyboard!

baby bump

Puppy Bump

now DD#1 has me doing a doll for her little friend for her birthday… luckily i already had a doll kit on its way. but i did have to buy some supplies (for Caucasian babies cause i have none) i wouldn’t be doing this if DD#1 hadn’t been spending time with this little girl and her mom wasn’t so nice. she bought DD#1 dinner (i offered to pay for it and she said no… who am i to argue?? 😉 ) when she took them to see Han.nah Mon.tana at the movies (that i didn’t have to pay for) and they went flower arranging (girl scouts) last weekend (didn’t pay for that either). so i figure i’d do something for her. ain’t i nice??!!


3 Responses

  1. Whats welping? Do you know how many puppies shes having? Do you sell them? what kind of dog is that?

    lol too many questions

  2. Yeah, you are nice because I’ve always had my dogs fixed…I don’t know nothing about whelping no puppies! lol. They are cute, though.

    The quilt is very pretty!

  3. Beautiful quilt! Can’t wait to see pictures of those puppies.

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