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much ado about nothing

i haven’t done jack… i’ve put together about 6 rows of the other quilt. i’m trying to get in the mood to turn my craft area into a whelping(labor for dogs) station. i just don’t feel like it. i’d rather do it in the kitchen… but then again i really don’t want my dog birthing babies in my kitchen. so the only other option would be my craft area. soooooooooooooo… i have a week to get it ready which is not an exact time it could happen at any moment. but i know what to look for so i think i have at least a few days. i was gonna try and get this quilt done before they got here so i wouldn’t have to worry about bothering them … but i don’t think that will happen. so whatever man.

we are expecting 5 puppies. i think $700 for one is a good price. they usually go for $600 – over a $1000. so i think 7 is a good number. do ya’ll think that is reasonable??? my mom thinks i’m gonna keep them all. and i would if i had a bigger house and more than anything a fenced in yard. maybe thats what i will do with the money… buy a damn fence!

i got my last stitch markers last thursday. they are cute… kind of long with small rings… but i can work with them! i’m just glad i got some more after the first girl flaked on me so i got these from my angel…

and since i like making stitch markers so much i volunteered to be an angel also! here are the ones i made. i really like my little ball of yarn that i made out of polymer clay… isn’t it CUTE!!! i wanna make more!

that is all!


5 Responses

  1. Hey chica! You are going to have to contact me about the new babies! Send me a note on rav or an email. That has got to be exciting!

  2. Oh and I luvv tha stitch markers, they are so cute! The ones you received and the ones you made are both beautiful šŸ™‚

  3. Can she walk?! looks like she’s about to pop!

  4. I’ve seen Yorkies advertised here for $900-1000 so $700 sounds like a bargain to me! Wish I could get one šŸ˜¦

    The stitch markers are CUTE…I like the yarn ball.

  5. The stitch markers are fabulous!

    Yorkies in NY go for about 1K, so $700 is more than reasonable. That poor puppy looks so uncomfortable – so little and with 5 babies in there?! Remind me to not complain as I get farther along with this one…

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