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what i’ve been up too

ok i was tagged by Sharon but… my book has walked off. it was Cesar’s Way by Cesar Milan and it has dogs on the cover so… i *know* who got it.  i guess i’ll have to beat it out of her as to where she put it! so i wasn’t ignoring you i just don’t know where little miss sticky fingers put my book! sorry!

i finally got the quilts almost done. all i need to do now is make the backs and go buy some batting so i can get them quilted. i decided to go ahead and have my mom do them. oh i have to buy some thread too. but here they are…



in baby making news… hmmm… that didn’t sound right! oh well ya’ll know what i’m talking about!! i hope! i’m making a doll for DD#1 friend… yeah i’m still working on it. i keep forgetting stuff to order. but i got most of her done. now i just need to root her hair and put her together and dress her… which i still need to find… shes getting there.


in yarny news… i was in the Hand Dyed Yarn Swap and this is what i made


and this is what i got…


its sort of not my taste at all BUT DD#2 likes it so she can get something from it. looks like sherbet doesn’t it? i like it but i just don’t like all the colors mixed together like that but hey its yarn so who knows what it will look like knitted up.

that is all


3 Responses

  1. The quilt is looking really nice!!

    And you always freak me out with those babies! LOL

    Great yarns and I am sure DD#2 will love her sherbet bag!! :o)

  2. girl that doll looks waaay too freaky!

  3. Wow, the quilts are soooo pretty. And you got a great swap package (is that chocolate I see??). All the colors you & your swapper did are really spring-y.

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