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Shower next friday

i took the quilts to my mom on tuesday…

i went over yesterday morning, she had not started them YET…

i’m going over there tomorrow evening….


i know she won’t have even started them. and i’ll probably end up sitting with her all night to have them done… maybe if i go over there early and have Twin pick up the kids when she goes to pick up Niece then i can get her to have them done by tomorrow night… hmmmm… most likely she will do it just so she can peek in on my puppies… but as of right now hubby does not want her at my house. long messed up story but if you’d like to read about it go here… excuse my language i can get a little raw at times. 😉 anyway… i really want them finished by the weekend cause i need to do the label. my older sister suggest i wait to put the label on so they won’t get quilted over… since she suggested it maybe i can get her to hand sew them on too… i hate sewing by hand… she also suggested i hand sew the binding on… she would.. i mean she loves to sew by hand why wouldn’t she suggest it. to bad shes on spring break this week. i’d have her sew on the binding too! so i’m also thinking of maybe some receiving blankets… as i was burp cloths and bibs… but got to thinking… shes having twins so that means twice as much work… so i’ll just buy something. maybe a box of diapers… never can have to many diapers! especially with twins.

oh does anybody know how to make some cute patches for jeans??  or at least where i can find a pattern or tut on the net.  i’ve serched and come up with nothing!  thanks

that is all


One Response

  1. oh girl… i put a hole in my favorite pair of jeans this weekend… so share the wealth on the patch.

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