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Baby Shower news

ok so my mom was done with the quilts when i got to her house on friday… back in March… well i didn’t finish the binding until last thursday… what was i thinking??? i just think i was nervous about doing it by hand. so as a i started i thought to myself …there is no way i’m gonna finish this tonight and have then ready to go. so i just used a decorative stitch on the sewing machine and was done with it. i then threw them in the wash and then i played around with some freezer paper stencils!! can we saw new hobby! i have an idea for a shirt for me… but i will share it when i get it figured out!




Stencil Onesies

all together

i went on a quilt shop hop this weekend with my mom and sister! it was cool. 2 of them sold yarn alos.. but i didn’t get any. i did get some fabrics though. i haven’t figured out what i will do with them just yet. i do have a profect in mind… actually 3 but i’m leaning toward one more than the others.

i’m not quite finished with the doll yet. i melted her eye and was so distrought over that i lost interest in it… but then i figured it out and kind of fixed it. i don’t think anyone will be able to tell the difference but i can. so i’m just not happy with her at the moment. but i will give it to her anyway. i don’t like her hair either. i will post pictures when she is done.

that is all


8 Responses

  1. Those quilts are beautiful!!!

  2. OMGosh! Everything things great!

    Nice baby packages!!

  3. Beautiful !!!!!!!

  4. The quilts are beautiful!!

  5. Beautiful quilts! The onesies are cute.

  6. they are beautiful!!!!!

  7. Wow!!! They are so beautiful. Everything looks great!

  8. It’s a wonderful gift bundle! The quilts are amazing… love the colors.

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