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nothing much

so i bought my yarn today. Cascade Eco Wool in color 9012.. its like a taupe and ecru mix. not what i wanted but the LYS only had neutral colors and my granny doesn’t really care. i just wanted to do it in her favorite color green… ewww but hey she likes it. i want to have it done by July 12th thats her party….she has a party every year…. i haven’t had a birthday party since grade school!!!! well i ran into a road block on round 14, but got past it after froggin 3 times. i think i’ve messed up some where… i’m on row 40 and i really don’t want to frog it.

my niece Lay-Lay had her 2nd birthday this past saturday. this girl is as smart as a whip. very advance. so i thought i would make her a few things to give to her along with a coloring book and Inspiration reading book. i made her a crayon roll from skip to my lou and a notetaker book form Kathy Mack. and a bag to put it all in. everyone was very impressed!!! actually so was i!

i have also been working on my crochet. i crochet 2 bootie/ shoes for my reborns… but only crocheted one of each. i don’t like the yarn whic is strange seeing as how it id my fav… cotton… but i digress. so i think i will try them in the crochet thread which will make them smaller and probably fit better. but i know i will have to adjust it. but i got these patterns from, Sylver Designs. they are the cutest. i know i will eventually get them all.

and here are the babies i’ve been working on. i think i may go to the Tiny Treasures doll show tomorrow. so i can look at the babies!

that is all!


2 Responses

  1. Amazing things! You knock me over with each post. Are you sure you have 5 kids? I can’t get much done with 2.5. Thanks for the inspiration. I should go do something crafty now.

  2. I got that same pattern for the shoes, but, um, my crotchet skillz are a little rusty. I may have to have you give me a lesson or something. 😉

    Your niece is very lucky to have such a kick ass auntie. Those gifts are beautiful.

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