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what i did this weekend

here is my Hemlock thus so far. i had to join the Yahoo group in order to learn how to read the chart. cause i thought i had it but either by the time i got to the chart i forgot or i never had it. cause when i read it, i hadn’t had a clue as to what i was supposed to do next. but it is coming along nicely and i think i will be finished way before the 12th YAY!

i saw something on evilbay the other day… it gave me an idea of a Christmas present for the girls. and yes it will add to my crafts… but it will be handmade and wonderful. so i ordered a book on ama.zon cause the ones on evilbay were going for $50 and i was not paying that much for it when i got mine on ama.zon for $17+shipping ! but i won’t say anymore cause i have to get the book first and go over it to see if it is something i really want to invest time into. it has something to do with barbie dolls since they don’t like baby dolls anymore. 😦 i don’t understand that. they are 5 & 7! i played with baby dolls till i was 13!!! oh well. my nieces still likes them and so does my 3 yo.

@Rosa~ gurl you would be surprised at how much i don’t get done and how much my kids are neglected!! naw but for real i don’t get as much as you think done i whipped all that stuff up in the wee hours of the morning. while everyone was sleep.


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  1. What on earth do you mean you can’t sew straight? What about lovely beautiful quilts that you make? I’m confused.

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