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FROGGED… again :(

i must be dumb. my chart work is off for some reason and i checked my stitches and they were right up till i got to the chart. ok the first one was my mistake because i didn’t realize how crucial it was to pay attention and check my work. i also dropped my stitch marker which didn’t help matter. so the second time and learning how to do psso right i was checking my work. until my sm fell off AGAIN without me knowing. i think thats where i messed up. so i frogged again last night. i think i will take a break and do something mindless today. i also think i will learn how to put lifelines in today too. cause if i have to frog for the 5th time i will not be co again. i got a rewritten pattern with no chart from the yahoo group. so i will try and do that one this time!

so i am doing a “Block A Month” or something with my sister and mom… i haven’t done my block yet and it is due this saturday. it looks fairly easy so i need to get on that.

that is all… 😦  no its not!

hubby didn’t go to work till late cause he had to wait on the FedEx guy so…. that meant time to knit.  i don’t know why but when hes around i can’t function to do any house work.  so i started over on the Hemmie .  i have made it to round 42.  i have a life line in at 24 and will probably add another at 47.   hes gone now so i might to clean the craft room while i cook dinner… maybe or we just might eat late like usual and i go back to knitting…  i’ll get to the quilt block later..


One Response

  1. Yeah I never used the chart as I heard lots of people having troubles with itand there are a couple erratas too.

    Stick to the written pattern and pay close attention to the pattern row! Even highlight if you have too!

    You can finish this gurl!!!! Keep going!!

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