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binding off


i started binding of today. i’m not to happy with how off my stitches are BUT i refuse to frog again. soooo i am curious to see what it will look like blocked. i plan to work on the BO tomorrow also. figure it will most likely take all day considering i will work in spurts. i hope to get it blocked friday morning so i can put it on hubby’s side of the room where no one will go all day and its by the iron sooo no one will bother it. i hope to get it done as saturday is granny’s birthday party.
(man i miss my camera)

so i’m looking around the web lately and i really want to get into sewing little things like wallets and purses and diaper bags and stuff. so i’ve been looking for patterns and tutorials. what i really want to do is make my own design… yeah uh huh.   i also want to eventually do clothes… my dilemma… I CAN’T SEW STRAIGHT TO SAVE MY LIFE. i suck. no matter what i do whatever i sew is crooked. so i guess i will have to practice. my sis wants to do craft shows this fall. and i really want to do them with her… my other dilemma… shes doing baby quilts. mine are far better than hers i think… but since she suggested it i’ll let her have it. which makes me sad. but i will figure out something else. she wants me to knit baby bibs and dish rags. ugh. you know how many i would have to do in order to have enough and how much i would be sick of them by the time i got to that number??? nope i don’t think so.

so heres what i want to work on for my girls…

its made of plastic canvas…  so the more i look online at furniture patterns the more i’m kind of mad i bought it.  cause i had a plan to make a doll house from a book case. BUT i saw this and changed my mind.  so now i’m back to the book case cause i feel that will be easier.  so i might keep this for later or sell it.  but i have some time to think on it.  ok i’m tired though i have done absolutly nothing today… but i haven’t got much sleep since the stupid dogs keep waking me up at all hours of the night.  GOD please send someone to buy them!!!!  please…

that is all.


5 Responses

  1. pwhy can you bout do baby quilts? People want variety/choices.

    Hope you get your blocking done

  2. your blog is awesome.. I love the dolls… They are beautiful.. I don’t know how you find time for any crafts at all.You have a beautiful family.. I know how you feel about the frogging.. Yay for binding off! 😀

  3. You could knit those dishcloths while you watch Claudine, lol!

    I’m loving the doll house. Have fun making whichever one you pick. 🙂

  4. I saw a post about how to blck your hemlock but it is gone, so I will try to help you here just in case!

    If it is 100% wool it iwll stretch and be gorgeous. If it has some arcylic in it it will spring back and won’t block (one of my knitting pals did it in arcylic and it never worked out).

    What you do it is place it in your washer machine (top load only!!!).
    Yes!!! Your washer machine! Let the water fill the basin and when it gets ready to go into agitation mode STOP IT!!!!!!

    Then let the blanket soak for about 20 minutes or so (until it is thorough saturated) I put Euculan or Soak solution in as it is a non-rinse formula.

    After that move your dial to “spin” and it will spin all the water out for ya! TA DA!!! :o)

    You will then need a kazillion stick pins Haha!

    Stretch that baby out and pin it in every spot you can think of on hemlock until it is smoothed out.

    Someone toldme “Lace likes tough love” so don’t be scared to stretch it.

    And then leave it alone!! It should be dry by morning! Or in 8 hours basically.

    Can’t wait to finally see it in all of its glory! :o)

  5. Hey lady, everything looks awesome. As Stacey said, lace loves tough love, pull that sucker and it will stretch. I didn’t do the washing machine, I did it by hand, but whatever you choose. I want a doll house so bad, I have been stalking doll houses for over 10 years (Mr. Stefon), and am waiting for him to get a little older so I don’t have to worry about broken pieces or fingers – ya dig!

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