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Do you know

someone who just does not what you to do better when it comes to your craft…  i do.  and sad to say its someone who i would think would want me to do awesome things with my crafts… my mother.  when i was little i used to sit and watch my grandmother quilt… when we were allowed anyway.  but i used to love to watch her quilt and listen to the stories she would tell.  she passed away 3 years ago.  i miss my grandmother… Moy is what we called her.  i am glad that she got to see some of my quilts before she went to be with the Lord.  and she thought i was an awesome piecer and i always tried my hardest to please her.  that made my day.   so anyway as long as i can remember my mother has always had a quilter in the basement.  she rarely used it.  but within the last 5 years she been using it and now wants to up grade.  my older sister and i both enjoy piecing quilts and we both want to get into quilting.  heres where the dilemma lies… my mom lives about 45 minutes from my sister and i.  when we do take a quilt to her to be quilted it usually takes forever to get quilted.  i learned that if i want my quilt back then i’m gonna have to force her to do it while i am visiting so i don’t  have to make another trip out there.  which she usually does, but shes got that “you not gonna make me stop what i’m doing to quilt for you,” attitude… i can do without that.  so shes been shopping for a new long arm quilter.  well so have my sister and i.  and we both plan on getting one and using it.  my mother… we have no clue how shes gonna use hers.  she has a few clients that she quilts for but thats it.  my mother expects us to bring to her whatever business that comes our way.  like one time in  i had someone order a custom quilt from me.  i bought the fabric and pieced it together.  i had my mom quilt it.  that was 2 years ago.  to this day i still hear how i should have gave the order to her to do.  WTH!!!  1st she didn’t ask you to do it.  she asked me.  2nd my mom doesn’t piece for other people… well she hasn’t as far as i know.  damn can i get a business going!  and then she wanted ME to put HER an ad for quilting service on e.bay and craig.slist.  what is wrong with your fingers.  so i tell her to write down what she wants me to say and i’ll do it and of course pay the eb’ay fee… never heard about it again!  she irks the mess out of me when she starts that.  my sister and i plan on just doing our own stuff and selling that.  i’m sure we will branch out and do orders or what not but right now i’m not thinking of that.  so i’ve been trying to tell my mother for the longest that i don’t want to help her get one i wanna get my own.  but i’m not looking at the biggest ones out there.  i just want something simple that i can have.  shes looking at the Gammill… not the one that is $7000… more like the one that is $16,000. thats a bit (ok way out of my) price range.  plus i don’t think i have the space for it.   so every now and then my mother and i talk and i give my ideas and she says “what do you need one for”  WTH!!!  what do you need one for???  did your mother ask you that question?  i mean for real… what do you think i want one for?  like the other day.  i happen to find some plans to built a frame on ebay.  and i mention it to my mom and say i wish they gave a price range of what the cost of supplies would be cause my husband can put it together.  and that i wonder where one would buy the rods for it.  and she says… “i don’t need the rods.  i got those already.”  FOR ME!!!!  DUH! i wanna curse so bad.  she told me about 2 weeks ago that between the 3 of us we can come up with the money to get the $16,000 Gammill… do i look like i could afford that.  i have 3 kids going to school and bills and taxes… i don’t have money like that!  and if we did… where would the quilter be???  at her house!?!?  i don’t think so.  so she didn’t like my answer.  whatever.  i don’t care anymore.  she think she can stay home and not work and we foot the bill for that shes got another thing coming.  so i have said FORGET her and i’ll just get it and not tell her about it.  i’ll get talked about for it but whatever.  so this is what i want.  Bailey”s Home Quilter.  it is a long arm.  and i know i can handle $1600.   i will have hubby build me a frame for it.  so i think… i will be able to get it next year…  and then it will be all good… i CAN”T WAIT!!!

ok i’m done venting… that is all!


5 Responses

  1. Well you got a lot of talent girl and in the mean time you can do what you can. I didn’t even know that there are machines just for quilting.

  2. As a kid, I didn’t get any encouragement for my crafts. I would tell you that you need to follow your dreams. I would say that you should start your own store on Etsy or something and sell some of your crafts to make the money you need to upgrade. I would also consider selling things you don’t need or want on C-list, so you get extra there to. There is a solution to everything, you just need to put a plan together. Good luck.
    And I can’t wait to see what you work out.

  3. *sigh* chic It’s the ones you EXPECT to support you and your ventures tha wind up dissapointing you. My advice (im taking it myself) Do what makes you happy . Plan for it as if it’s only you. Keep your mouth shut around those who are prone to being negative or unsupportive.

    You have blog friends who are here to support you 🙂

  4. Are you sure your not my sister? Girl, do what makes you happy. My mom and I are going through some things right now. I would NOT purchase any thing with anyone because you KNOW it is going to bring about drama. So, get your own and do you. I tell you family act up because you can’t divorce them or can you? And you don’t have to keep anything a secret, when they come over and see it so be it. It’s whatever.

  5. Hey; thanks for leaving a comment on my blog – I have found you through that.

    You are one crafty girl! I cannot believe all of the projects that you have completed – awesome! I will definitely be back.

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