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second attempt

at a post. i tried to post yesterday but accidentally deleted it and i didn’t feel like doing it again. so i will try this again.

here is my basket almost done. it is kind of slow cause i really don’t work on it unless i’m watching tv which hasn’t been a lot lately and now while i wait for the bus to drop the kids off. so i am almost done. i’m thinking of painting it and putting a lining in it to match my bathroom. can’t wait to finish it. and if all goes well there will be more of these to come!

up close of the Sisal!

up close of the Sisal!

bottom & side of basket

bottom & side of basket

i wanna start this sweater Jacket for Slim in her favorite color purple. i like this purple a lot. it is Vanna Choice in plum. so we shall see how quickly i can get this knitted up.

Jacket for Slim

Jacket for Slim

i’ve been working on Miss Prissy’s hair because she started school… this is what i did yesterday. i saw this hair style on some kid movie the kids were watching the other day and thought it was cute. i found this blog from another blog. i think some of the styles are cute. i think she thinks she thought of them herself 😉 … little does she know little black girls have been wearing their hair like this for years!! but they are some cutes ones. some that i’ve done some new ones. so i’ll most likely do some of them.



other side

other side







i made some fried green tomatoes from my garden. they were good. i hate tomatoes but i lurv me some fried green tomatoes!!!

my tomatoes  fried them up Sunday!!!  yum

my tomatoes fried them up Sunday!!! yum

this bird here has been murdering my sunflowers!!! pretty bird but dammit i wanted those seeds!

saw this on Sunday while i was cooking. all the kids were outside. next thing i know Lil Mama comes in acting all scary talkin about a balloon. and usually she loves balloons so i was like what is wrong with you. so i looked where she was pointing and saw this.

Slim & The Balloon

Slim & The Balloon

i guess shes never seen one like this. this thing was so close i could hear the fire. it looked like it was going down. and actually went out of sight for a minute then came back up. ok i said i was gonna clean my room so i guess i better get on it while Lil man is sleep!

that is all!


7 Responses

  1. i hate when that happens too.. its frustrating.. but looks like you did a good job at the second posting. Great pictures.. Your kids are precious. I love some green tomatoes too.:D

  2. Prissy’s hair is cute! but why is the little one looking at her like she wants to pop her one! LOL

  3. How do you get her to sit still long enough to braid her hair like that? I’ve tried to braid Monkey’s hair, but she acts like she’s got ants in her pants and it never works out. And, yeah, why is the little one looking like she’s about to punk her?

  4. HAHA i had to go back and see what ya’ll see. thats a shame i didn’t even notice. but when i did i remembered that Miss Prissy had a caprisun and Lil Mama wanted it and was about to snatch it when i snapped the picture

  5. Man – I wish I could get away with wearing bows and ribbons ‘cuz some of those styles are really good!!

    I totally wish I could cornrow my own hair too!! That would totally save me many of mornings of “WTF am I gonna do w/ my hair?!?” *sigh*

  6. Love the hair! And I love fried green tomatoes, too. Yum.

  7. You did not just say FRIED GREEN TOMATOES! Girl! I’m coming over!

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