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i keep adding projects and not finishing anything… well thats not totally true.  i finished a quilt (no pictures of the whole thing yet.)… not the binding.  plan on that tonight.  i just hate binding.  i finished a baby hat and booties.  all of these are for a fellow blogger who is due any day… i know i’m so late!!!

too cute.

too cute. thats the quilt behind it

baby hat

baby hat

link to hat pattern here

love these think Patrice

love these thanks Patrice

link to bootie pattern here

hat and booties are done in Caron Simply Soft in Rose and some other stuff i had in my stash… still have to remember to either document my yarns or save the label!  both were quick knits and i enjoyed both!  not much else to say about them~

i finished that fugly basket… too shamed to show it. 😉

i started a blanket and a quilt for my new Nephew who is due to make an appearance Monday… i think… not totally sure cause i try not to get involved in my Twin’s life cause she crazy.  but this is my first and only nephew so i’m excited.  wish i could really be excited and his mama not take advantage but i know she will so i must keep my excitement to myself… for now. 😦  i will take more pictures tonight.

Cotton Ease in Lime

Cotton Ease in Lime

Lime... and i don't normally like greens but this one is pretty

Lime... and i don't really like greens but this one is cute

i also started the Shetland Shorty from Knitty Summer 2008.  i’m using sock yarn because it stretches

Shetland Shorty

Shetland Shorty

today was picture day and of course i had to do the hair.  G got a much needed hair cut.  i did twist for Slim and Miss Prissy got i don’t know what you call them but it was cute.

twisted up

twisted up

now he doesn't look homeless!

now he doesn't look homeless

ponytail bob

ponytail bob







just cause hes cute

just cause hes cute


6 Responses

  1. Your Kids are the cutest ever. Love those new-dos! I know your friend will love the baby hat and of course pink is my favorite color /

  2. Awwww! So CUTE!

  3. cute kids!

    you’re welcome at booties. there were easy to knit huh?

  4. The baby hat and booties are so cute. Caron Simply soft is a must have in my stash. Great for last minute baby shower gifts.

    I’d still like to see a picture of the fugly basket, I showed my fugly stuff so now time for you to show yours.

  5. Hi,
    If you don’t mind saying I was just wondering…what’s the quilt pattern in your header?

  6. we are experts at the Micke Mouse ‘do LOL.

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