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Happy Valentine’s day

and i made butter!!!

i remember my grandmother having a butter churn though she never made any while i was around.  but i have always wanted a butter churn. so i have been looking on e.bay for one for quite a while. i have never found one that was reasonably price or in good enough condition to actually be used.  i had talked to my husband about getting one and he asked or talked about it with his mom (shes old as dirt and might have had one 😛 ) and she claimed it was expensive to make butter… so i kind of gave up on it cause i didn’t want to go through all that if it was. and so i stopped looking for a while.  until the other day i came across somebody’s website/blog (which i can’t seem to find now) and they had a super easy recipe for homemade butter! and guess what all you need is a jar/jug and whipping cream!!!  so much for being expensive.. hater. anywho… i made some and i took pictures and it taste good!!!

1cup of heavy whipping cream

1cup of heavy whipping cream

you can use regular whipping cream or heavy

turning into whippin cream

turning into whipped cream

after about 5 or 6 minutes of shaking

we having whipped cream

we having whipped cream

see how thick it is

see how thick it is

starting to feel the burn… this is what happened after about 10 minutes of shaking.  it is the exact thing you get when using the mixer!

starting to get over whippind

starting to get over whipped

here it is after 2 to 4 minutes more after the whipped cream phase. it starting to look like curdled milk.  i guess this is why they tell you to whip till soft peaks form… cause not this is starting to separate.

almost there

almost there

see it is separating… id say we are at about 15 minutes total.

Butter!!  and buttermilk

Butter!! and buttermilk

and then we get BUTTER!!!  i figure if i keep this up i will have some nice biceps!  but it is well worth it. its smooth and tasty and you can add salt or whatever you like to it!

straining the butter from the buttermilk

straining the butter from the buttermilk

and you can even have some buttermilk pancakes in the morning!!!    so if you like some homemade butter and wanna get rid of those arm flaps in the process this is the workout for you!!!!

sorry my pictures are so bad… i broke my new camera and it would cost more just to fix than it would just to get a new one… so i wait till i can afford another one 😦


7 Responses

  1. wow impressive. Happy Valentines Day to you!!!

  2. Happy V Day to you too!!

    Dang look at you being all creative. That is so awesome, and your right a great work out for the biceps.

  3. Wow – That’s pretty darn cool! 🙂

  4. Who knew?? I love that idea. I bet fresh butter tastes so much better than the store bought kind.

  5. I knew exactly what you were doing when I saw the pictures before even reading. This is one of my fond memories from pre-school. I remember it being very easy. I’m going to make some soon. Maybe I’ll figure out how to make some bread for it to go with.

  6. That is the coolest thing. I didn’t know it was so easy! (Well, “easy.”)

  7. Does the butter really taste better fresh? I got the FQ in the mail and it is gorgeous, thanks!

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