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Playing Beauty Shop

ME! its getting so long… i need to figure out what to do with
this is just a short post.  i wanna try making some soap today and as i sit here ant the computer… i’m trying to sike myself ip to do it… i’m such a punk.  i thought today would be a good day because i’m slow cookin a pork shoulder so my kitchen is free… i don’t kno

w. but anyway…

i cut hair on friday… i cut about an inch and layered  Ayanna’s she really needed it. her ends were split far and i had never had the nerve to cut it myself but it was getting ridiculous to comb and i just went for it.   2/3 of an inch off Aidan and about an inch off mine… it is so hard to cut curly hair… oh well i get it when i go to cosmetology school next fall.


3 Responses

  1. I wish I could take cosmetology classes. Just the part where they show u how to cut hair

  2. Nooo….don’t relax it. 🙂 Hey, have you checked out http://www.naturallycurly.com? It might help give you some ideas. I used that site (and the forums) for reference when I stopped relaxing my hair some six years ago. Just a thought 😉 …

  3. The baby’s hair looks good. You did okay. Hey, I want to make soap too. I found a cool website with step by step instructions and I think I just have to go for the melt and pour method because everything else looks too hard right now. My sour dough starter is done now too. I’ll try to bake break this weekend.

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