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here i go again!

i made yogurt! i made it following Rhonda’s recipe.  if ya’ll haven’t ya’ll should check out her site!  a lot of good information!!  love her site!  it wasn’t bitter or tart at all… it was actually sweet.  so much better than store bought.



theres strawberries in my yogart!

theres strawberries in my yogurt!

mixed together

mixed together

now that i have mixed it up and added the strawberries it is more like the drinkable yogurt… i like it better that way anyway!  hubby took some and the kids wanted some for their lunch but i wanted to see if it thickens up a little before i let them take it… i didn’t really make it for everybody… i made it for me!!

homemade soap

homemade soap

i also made soap… ( this was also Rhonda’s recipe but with a little modification cause i didn’t have any rice bran oil. ) it was very different and i was a little nervous and i wasn’t sure how it would turn out.  but i think its good so far.  it has to cure for a few weeks.  i am going to try and make some laundry detergent today… but i have to get something to put it in.  i made a hair lotion for my curly top below. hopefully it will eliminate some of the frizz. i used sunflower oil and aloe vera get… i just put them together because the both promote moisture… we shall see!  i wet her hair and put it on last night then  braided her hair up. but she is not feeling well so i doubt she lets me play in her hair!

that is all… for now!


2 Responses

  1. Geaux you!!! You’ve been crafting it up!

    Ian has sorta been on my ass. Everytime he has to buy soap.. i need to make some.. I could always go castille. Lol evoo anyone?

  2. Good for you. I would love to make some yogurt and soap too. I just need to find the time to do it. Hopefully soon♥

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