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got my seeds

so i ordered some seeds from Granny’s Heirloom Seeds here in MO. and they came today i just ordered them saturday or sunday! i ordered some from some where else too but i know i won’t get those for a while because they said i wouldn’t. so hopefully it won’t hender my planting… anyway i got

All Season Cabbage

National Pickling Cucumbers

Orange Habanero Peppers (plan on making some hot sauce!)

Black Zucchini

Orange Honeydew

Waltham Broccoli

Sugar Baby Watermelon

Beefsteak Tomato

Anaheim Pepper

Green Honeydew

Spaghetti Squash

Cal Wonder Pepper

Di Cicco Broccoli

Genuine Cornfield Green Beans

so i will sow the onces that should have been sown already tomorrow.

my seeds

my seeds

i also made some hair lotion for the curly tops of the house… which is everyone but hubby. i know i put some shea butter, olive butter, kokui nut oil, jojoba oil, and sunflower oil together then added some aloe gel, Vitamin E, and vegetable glycerin oh and fragrance… i don’t know yet… i don’ t like how greasy my hands are after using it and then how dry the feel after the soak up the grease… i’m think to much stuff. so i will try something simpler later. i have some stuff on the way so i will see what i can whip up.

hair lotion

hair lotion

i made some laundry soap yesterday with some lavender dust… i washed some rugs in it.. the look a lot brighter. i’ll see how it does on clothes tonight.

lavender laundry soap

lavender laundry soap

ok so tomorrow the deal is i clean AGAIN… make something… maybe some bread or something. my yogurt was a hit. hubby asked me why i didn’t make anymore… little does he know there is more in the fridge… it in a sour cream jug! hee hee! i’m gonna get some of this dammit! i might make some more tomorrow though just cause everybody liked it so much. but since i can’t leave the house i figure i might as well clean… i’m getting my new phone tomorrow YEAY!!!! i’m getting a Bla.ckberry Sto.rm! SWEET! what a refreshing change it will be to not have a phone that calls ramdom people in my phone book and being able to send full text without it sending the text while i am in the middle of typing it and not to mention a full keyboard yeah my phone is possesed. i can’t say how many times my phone has called baby daddy in the middle of the night… of all people that it picks it always picked him WTF! the debil i tell ya! but anyway… WOO HOO!!! can’t wait! i will peep ya’ll tomorrow.


4 Responses

  1. Dang you been busy!! I want to plant my own fruits and veggies.

  2. Please tell my you don’t have a RAZR. That sounds like my last phone. Well, minus the calling random people part. Congrats on the new phone.

    You make your own laundry soap? I may have to Google how to do that one day.

  3. I need your recipes, please. I have a Black.berry Curve and I looove it. I’ve never been in love with a phone this long and I got it in May.

  4. The seeds, soap and yogurt sound great! We tried to grow watermelon last year, but they don’t grow too well in MI. I have a blackberry storm, I got mine in Nov., let me know how you like it. It’s ok, but flips out sometimes (reboots). I have been reading up and once they get the software bugs out it should work better. A new update will be out soon. When you get it, change the browser settings on the advanced options tab to enable javascript (and anything else that is unchecked). That just helped me (I called VZ yesterday) and it seems to work a little better. Also, increase the sensitivity…..it takes some getting used to for the touchscreen and this will help (just found out about the settings for this yesterday too). Good luck and have fun!

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