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hair or body products

ok so i’ve been whippin some hair stuff up in my kitchen.  first is a whipped butter. it is awesome on the hair! i wish i would have written down what i did. but it has shea butter, aloe butter, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin Castor oil, aloe vera gel and vitamin E.  it whipped beautifully and is thick like meringue but melts quick and easy. i put French Vanilla FO in it which is divine!  smells like cake.

Vanilla meringue

Vanilla meringue

the second one is and another whipped butter but this one is more like a brownie batter.  this one is shea butter, aloe butter and coconut oil.   i whipped this one cause i thought i messed the first one up. this one whipped up quick so i thought i did it right. after i saw how it whipped up because it was cool i put batch #1 in the freezer.  after it cooled it whipped right up. Batch #2 has Coco Mango FO which is what i wanted but realized after i did it that i rather have Vanilla.  so now i have to get a pretty jar for the first one.  i like how they both feel on my skin also.

Coco Mango Butter

Coco Mango Butter

the 3rd batch is kind of weird. i just used up some stuff so i could buy more and i think it was too old so no picture of that!

i got my new stove…. its a stove.  so not much to say about it. i can finally cook without having to worry about cutting myself which is always good.

shes purdy

shes purdy

i made cream cheese brownies from scratch in honor of me new stove.



i made another batch of yogurt… i thought i messed it up again. i thought maybe i killed the cultures because i forgot to turn the crock pot down for 45 mins…. so i quit on the 3rd hour and just left it there disgusted… so the next morning i’m reading other recipes and some say to let the yogurt sit… but i didn’t think anything of it. so i go out and buy some more milk so i can attempt it AGAIN… and when i went to clean out the crock pot my daughter was ewwww. so i turned to look at what she was talking about and i had YOGURT!!!  i tasted and smelled it and it was perfect!  so i didn’t mess it up after all. i added my strawberries and put it in the refrigerator.  i saved a little so i can make more… ok i’m about to start my monkey bread dough and maybe make more yogurt.  i wanna make vanilla… anyone know how to do that???


4 Responses

  1. I bet all you have to do is let the vanilla beans dry and ferment or something. Kinda like wine.

    So, you’re just free styling these hair/body creams?

  2. the cocomango sounds like it smells good.

    last time i made hair butter i only used shea and coconut oil. ive been hesistant to use glycerin bc i read it works better in warmer climates.

    but umm go head on with your bad self! i love the creativity thats pouring off of you 🙂

  3. You are really working it out over there!! I am so jealous of your stove. I so need one, I hate my white one. Well not hate, it works really well and I love it for that, but I hate the fact that it is white and show out when grease or something spills on it.

  4. I tried to make some hair products last week and ended up with a runny lumpy goo. LOL. Not to mention I dayum near burned up the kitchen melting the shea butter cuz I decided to add aloe vera juice to it – while it was piping hot and and still on the stove. Can you say GREASE FIRE? LOL

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