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when i’m supposed to be cleaning

i decided to play with my concoctions…

so i bought some Lo.ng Aid. Activator gel… mmmm i now remember why i don’t use it. it so sticky once it drys and leaves this nasty feeling to you hair. i swear to Go.d i feel like i have a jheri curl!  it gathers dirt too… which means washing more… i don’t know if the co~wash will do it… SO… i think i will mix it with something else… i was thinking along the lines of IC and aloe vera gel… just so it won’t be so jheri curlish!  we shall see!  here are pictures of what it looked like last night after it dried and then this morning after i spritzed it with my glycerin mixture and my leave homemade leave in.   i wrote down what i put in my mixtures this time !! yay! oh and i dyed it with a semi permanent darkest brown.

1st time useing Long Aid Gel Actavator

1st time useing Long Aid Gel Actavator

fron view

fron view

morning after

morning after

Glyerin Spray~ water, glycerin, vitamin E, sweet almond oil, and castor oil

Leave~in ~ Orga.nic Coc.nut Milk conditioner & water

both in a spray bottle.  love both so far

her is my oldest curly top (Slim).  she is rockin a coil out… too cute.  i think i will do the the coil twist all the way down next time. i only did the top this time. and she was in coils (protective style) for 2 weeks.   i don’t really do to much to her hair. she pretty much stays in protective styles. sometimes i let it breathe but not more than 2 days. but she doesn’t stay in them long because it is a fight to get her to keep her hair tied up at night. she did have a satin pillow but left that at her dads so i am waitin for him to send it back.

2 weeks ago forgot to ake a pic w/out rollers

2 weeks ago forgot to ake a pic w/out rollers

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago

Slim with the Coil Out

Slim with the Coil Out

i finished MizzPrizzy’s furniture and i put it back together… well i’m not totally finished. i have to pick out a some fabric that will be her curtains and whatever it is will be the back wall on the dollhouse bookcase.

almost thru

almost thru

Slim got some furniture(used… hey i don’t mind! i love refurbishing old stuff!)  i’m trying to decide what color i will make them… i was thinking brown then painting/stenciling some butterflies on them in purple.  her room is going to be a very light lavender, her bed spread is purple, her bed is brown… so i might do that or vice verse.

new adventure...

new adventure...

that is all for now!


6 Responses

  1. The light/white colored furniture came out really nice. I like the idea of stenciling butterflies on the new stuff. You can change the drawer pulls to match too.

  2. hey ther—glad i found your blog—-LOve,love,Loe the hair—mine is natural too and it amazes me when i see other women with it—simply beautiful—stop by and see me sometimes—remain blessed!

  3. Hey Carmell, I thought I remembered you had a blog about biracial kids hair but can’t find it. Anyway, just spent the past 2 hours viewing curly hair product reviews on youtube! Did you know about that? Very engrossing. I had been using the Curls Curly Q’s line a couple years back. But got to expensive. Been using cheap stuff and my oldest has paid for it. Her hair got really dry and coarse. Don’t know if the coarseness would have happened eventually anyway. Just ordered from Curls regular adult line. And also ordered from Mixed Chicks. I figured I’d give them both a month’s try and then do my own review on youtube. Mixed Chicks is cheaper.

  4. The furniture came out really nice and would look sweet with the stenciling. Very nice.

  5. I like the idea of the coil out. I will have to try that this week after my henna conditioning.

    The furniture turned out great!

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