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thought i would post this

i’m not dead… though sometimes i feel like i’m dying!

so here is the monkey that i made for my neice for Christmas…

not a lot of people like him… but she did so who cares what others thought.  i used one of my Nephews outfits that he had out grown since she is not living with him right now. i thought that it would remind her of her little brother.  ok thats all i have for now.


i’m alive

so i still haven’t finished Nephew’s blanket… i’ll get to it.  i haven’t been doing much of anything lately.  but yesterday and today i have been making babies… not like that.

MizzPrizzy's baby

monkey hands

Monkey & Fairy

Monkey & Fairy

don't be creeped out

almost done

and look what i treated myself too.

its she perty!

its she perty!


i got her off Crai.gslist!  she was brand new in an unopened box.  i got it for $125 orginally around $300!  yeah!  so i called it my birfday present…  she is still in the box.  ihave yet to find s home in my junky studio so she will sit there till i get oganized.  woo hoo!

hee hee

whats good ya’ll!!!

anyway i gave my granny her throw. its kind of wonky but i don’t think she’ll care. could be due to my no knowledge of blocking. but i did the best i knew to do! she wasn’t in a good mood anyway cause she found out she is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and my Dad had to take her ride from her. so she was kind of pissy. both pictures were taken before i got my new camera this past weekend! YAY!!!

Granny's throw before blocking
Granny’s throw before blocking
after blocking... as you can see in the lower left corner my wonkiness!

after blocking... as you can see in the lower left corner my wonkiness!

i made a pin cushion last night while watching the Mole. good show. i got i love this book! i wanna make almost everything in it! but started simple with the pincushion.

instead of fabric i used roving and needle felted around some steel woll and polyfil.  i wanna make another.

i also got some doll furniture patterns…

and i got this to make and sell. i can only make 50 a year(which won’t happen) and i have to give the creator credit(which i’m fine with) i thought it was cute and was looking for one of these when i had babies but never could find one or a pattern cute enough. i got one now and someone is always having babies!

ok enough for now

that is all

what i’ve been up too

ok i was tagged by Sharon but… my book has walked off. it was Cesar’s Way by Cesar Milan and it has dogs on the cover so… i *know* who got it.  i guess i’ll have to beat it out of her as to where she put it! so i wasn’t ignoring you i just don’t know where little miss sticky fingers put my book! sorry!

i finally got the quilts almost done. all i need to do now is make the backs and go buy some batting so i can get them quilted. i decided to go ahead and have my mom do them. oh i have to buy some thread too. but here they are…



in baby making news… hmmm… that didn’t sound right! oh well ya’ll know what i’m talking about!! i hope! i’m making a doll for DD#1 friend… yeah i’m still working on it. i keep forgetting stuff to order. but i got most of her done. now i just need to root her hair and put her together and dress her… which i still need to find… shes getting there.


in yarny news… i was in the Hand Dyed Yarn Swap and this is what i made


and this is what i got…


its sort of not my taste at all BUT DD#2 likes it so she can get something from it. looks like sherbet doesn’t it? i like it but i just don’t like all the colors mixed together like that but hey its yarn so who knows what it will look like knitted up.

that is all