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here are some pictures of the baby gift that i am sending today. all the way to Cali.  i reall like this quilt it was almost to hard to give away!!  but i’ll be ok.


FROGGED… again :(

i must be dumb. my chart work is off for some reason and i checked my stitches and they were right up till i got to the chart. ok the first one was my mistake because i didn’t realize how crucial it was to pay attention and check my work. i also dropped my stitch marker which didn’t help matter. so the second time and learning how to do psso right i was checking my work. until my sm fell off AGAIN without me knowing. i think thats where i messed up. so i frogged again last night. i think i will take a break and do something mindless today. i also think i will learn how to put lifelines in today too. cause if i have to frog for the 5th time i will not be co again. i got a rewritten pattern with no chart from the yahoo group. so i will try and do that one this time!

so i am doing a “Block A Month” or something with my sister and mom… i haven’t done my block yet and it is due this saturday. it looks fairly easy so i need to get on that.

that is all… 😦  no its not!

hubby didn’t go to work till late cause he had to wait on the FedEx guy so…. that meant time to knit.  i don’t know why but when hes around i can’t function to do any house work.  so i started over on the Hemmie .  i have made it to round 42.  i have a life line in at 24 and will probably add another at 47.   hes gone now so i might to clean the craft room while i cook dinner… maybe or we just might eat late like usual and i go back to knitting…  i’ll get to the quilt block later..

where have i been???

so i haven’t posted in over a month… not like ya’ll care. last month i moved and i am still trying to get situated. i have been driving my kids back and forth to school so they can finish the year, last day of school was yesterday so i am done with that. i participated in Sharon’s virtual baby shower, “Fiber Baby” and i have finally finished my gifts for Sharon, Monkey and Noodle. YAY!!! i have to fix a few things and then they will be on their way! So i made Sharon a sugar scrub, Noodle the blanket and Monkey the baby. i hope they like their gifts!

that is all for now!

Baby Shower news

ok so my mom was done with the quilts when i got to her house on friday… back in March… well i didn’t finish the binding until last thursday… what was i thinking??? i just think i was nervous about doing it by hand. so as a i started i thought to myself …there is no way i’m gonna finish this tonight and have then ready to go. so i just used a decorative stitch on the sewing machine and was done with it. i then threw them in the wash and then i played around with some freezer paper stencils!! can we saw new hobby! i have an idea for a shirt for me… but i will share it when i get it figured out!




Stencil Onesies

all together

i went on a quilt shop hop this weekend with my mom and sister! it was cool. 2 of them sold yarn alos.. but i didn’t get any. i did get some fabrics though. i haven’t figured out what i will do with them just yet. i do have a profect in mind… actually 3 but i’m leaning toward one more than the others.

i’m not quite finished with the doll yet. i melted her eye and was so distrought over that i lost interest in it… but then i figured it out and kind of fixed it. i don’t think anyone will be able to tell the difference but i can. so i’m just not happy with her at the moment. but i will give it to her anyway. i don’t like her hair either. i will post pictures when she is done.

that is all

Shower next friday

i took the quilts to my mom on tuesday…

i went over yesterday morning, she had not started them YET…

i’m going over there tomorrow evening….


i know she won’t have even started them. and i’ll probably end up sitting with her all night to have them done… maybe if i go over there early and have Twin pick up the kids when she goes to pick up Niece then i can get her to have them done by tomorrow night… hmmmm… most likely she will do it just so she can peek in on my puppies… but as of right now hubby does not want her at my house. long messed up story but if you’d like to read about it go here… excuse my language i can get a little raw at times. 😉 anyway… i really want them finished by the weekend cause i need to do the label. my older sister suggest i wait to put the label on so they won’t get quilted over… since she suggested it maybe i can get her to hand sew them on too… i hate sewing by hand… she also suggested i hand sew the binding on… she would.. i mean she loves to sew by hand why wouldn’t she suggest it. to bad shes on spring break this week. i’d have her sew on the binding too! so i’m also thinking of maybe some receiving blankets… as i was burp cloths and bibs… but got to thinking… shes having twins so that means twice as much work… so i’ll just buy something. maybe a box of diapers… never can have to many diapers! especially with twins.

oh does anybody know how to make some cute patches for jeans??  or at least where i can find a pattern or tut on the net.  i’ve serched and come up with nothing!  thanks

that is all

what i’ve been up too

ok i was tagged by Sharon but… my book has walked off. it was Cesar’s Way by Cesar Milan and it has dogs on the cover so… i *know* who got it.  i guess i’ll have to beat it out of her as to where she put it! so i wasn’t ignoring you i just don’t know where little miss sticky fingers put my book! sorry!

i finally got the quilts almost done. all i need to do now is make the backs and go buy some batting so i can get them quilted. i decided to go ahead and have my mom do them. oh i have to buy some thread too. but here they are…



in baby making news… hmmm… that didn’t sound right! oh well ya’ll know what i’m talking about!! i hope! i’m making a doll for DD#1 friend… yeah i’m still working on it. i keep forgetting stuff to order. but i got most of her done. now i just need to root her hair and put her together and dress her… which i still need to find… shes getting there.


in yarny news… i was in the Hand Dyed Yarn Swap and this is what i made


and this is what i got…


its sort of not my taste at all BUT DD#2 likes it so she can get something from it. looks like sherbet doesn’t it? i like it but i just don’t like all the colors mixed together like that but hey its yarn so who knows what it will look like knitted up.

that is all

much ado about nothing

i haven’t done jack… i’ve put together about 6 rows of the other quilt. i’m trying to get in the mood to turn my craft area into a whelping(labor for dogs) station. i just don’t feel like it. i’d rather do it in the kitchen… but then again i really don’t want my dog birthing babies in my kitchen. so the only other option would be my craft area. soooooooooooooo… i have a week to get it ready which is not an exact time it could happen at any moment. but i know what to look for so i think i have at least a few days. i was gonna try and get this quilt done before they got here so i wouldn’t have to worry about bothering them … but i don’t think that will happen. so whatever man.

we are expecting 5 puppies. i think $700 for one is a good price. they usually go for $600 – over a $1000. so i think 7 is a good number. do ya’ll think that is reasonable??? my mom thinks i’m gonna keep them all. and i would if i had a bigger house and more than anything a fenced in yard. maybe thats what i will do with the money… buy a damn fence!

i got my last stitch markers last thursday. they are cute… kind of long with small rings… but i can work with them! i’m just glad i got some more after the first girl flaked on me so i got these from my angel…

and since i like making stitch markers so much i volunteered to be an angel also! here are the ones i made. i really like my little ball of yarn that i made out of polymer clay… isn’t it CUTE!!! i wanna make more!

that is all!